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Accolades, Honors... and Such

I'm not usually one to submit to awards. Even when I worked at a television station, I never submitted for an Emmy or any such "self-congratulatory" accolade. I know I sound harsh, but I've always viewed the self-nomination process as extremely egocentric. But, perhaps, I was too severe in that thinking. Allow me to explain. This year I produced this fun video for a friend, with the help of some more friends. It wasn't work, it was pure joy. And the resulting piece, I think, demonstrated that feeling. So, on a whim and without telling anyone I decided to submit the work for a Telly. Why a Telly? Because I saw a social media post about it reminding everyone that the submission date was that particular day. I did it because I thought this group of friends, who've been working together on random projects under the radar for over 20 years deserved a shot at some recognition. And wouldn't you know it, out of over 12,000 entries received by the Telly Awards our little group of rag tag filmmakers has their very own silver statuette. How does this not feel like a self pat on the back? Because, I nominated my talented friends and editorial team of badasses that helped bring this little project to life. Frankly, they deserve an award just for having to slog through my first cut of anything. Congratulations, Hell's Bunnies, we won a thing!

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