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Why You Should Show Us, Not Just Tell Us

If you do nothing else, make a video that explains your business. A well made, professionally created video that shows people your business is the best way to develop and foster a customer base. For example, have you ever watched a video on Kickstarter that explained the product so well, that you threw money at the screen and bought that sweet, new back-pack that turns into a couch? Exactly.

Video works. It’s compelling. It shows, not just tells. BUT, here’s where you don’t skimp. Here’s where you don’t hire you’re cousin Jeffy that just bought a brand new camera. You can use Jeffy to help you with some blog posts, and that’s about it. Hire your awesome local, PROFESSIONAL video company to produce a great video. Don’t go cheap on this because the quality of your video is important. The style of the story-telling matters. The Pros know how to accomplish this for you and you’ll take pride in showing it off everywhere. (Or you can settle for Jeffy’s video that he’s still editing… two years later).

Video length is important. Here’s where people may have differing opinions, but mine are as follows: 1:30-3:30 minutes for a profile on your website, cut that down to about 1 minute for Facebook, and also do a set of five or six :10-:15 second clips to sprinkle on FB, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re doing television or digital video ads, be sure to have a :30 second, :15 second, and a :10 second spot. You can go longer if you're going for a more "documentary" feel, just know that the audience gets smaller as the video grows longer.

Video is powerful. It is your secret weapon.

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