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I Never Wear Green

...on St. Patty's Day. It's not on purpose, it just happens that way, so this year I'll probably not wear green either. But here were are, March already and this year has just been non-stop. I've been working on some pretty cool projects, I've also tried to do some passion projects. Those types of projects are almost impossible when you're working on various deadlines for your business. But, I was able to sneak in some stuff for Hell's Bunnies (we are going to try to be more active, and for sure are doing the 24 Hour Film Race again this year in June). So, stay tuned for that. Here is the Bunnies video featuring our friend Chef Daya Myers-Hurt:

And we have lots of fresh spots for all sorts of new campaigns. Including this one for Julie's Closet in Spring Branch:

Hilton Furniture spots are always on the menu, we recently produced two new ones that hit the airwaves last week. Here's one of those:

So, here we go another month of fun things currently happening and on the horizon. I hope your month is fantastic! Thanks stopping by!

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