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It's the time of year where things get a little topsy turvy... with a little dash of magic. Shopping has contributed to huge gains in the retail industry this season and not just on Amazon. We are talking lots of brick & mortars and other online offerings. Holiday sales are breaking records. It wasn't hard to miss, with parking lots full and people packed in stores pre-Christmas and post (for all those after Christmas sales). Spending is up and retailers are enjoying a stronger than ever holiday shopping season.

Next year is going to be very interesting, we will continue to watch the trends. We hope to help many more business find and share their voice to stay competitive and relevant in this ever-changing landscape.

Switching gears, one of our last projects for this year is something a bit fun and happy. Here's a little highlight video we produced for KIPP Houston Public Schools for their "Night at the Zoo."

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

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