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HF&M Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday is still a sales juggernaut in the retail world. This year's campaign included many elements and lots of moving parts. It had a strong social media roll-out, web video, and an aggressive presence on both TV and cord-cutter favorites such as hulu, et al.

Video is always the corner stone of any campaign, and this year was no different featuring offerings in two languages.



The campaign was built to do one thing: reach the consumer. These days the only way to do that effectively is through various "touch points." Meaning, we designed it so that, if you're in the market for furniture, you might see an ad on TV or on a premium digital property. You may see a cool story or blog post on-line, or on social media. Perhaps, you'll see an awesome photo and start picturing that perfect piece of furniture in your own home.

Happy Shopping!

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