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Hurricane Harvey & Our Clients

This has been an incredibly challenging time to live and work in the Bayou City. The flooding disaster has affected all of us and we are now trying to get back to some sense of "normalcy." We have witnessed the overwhelming generosity and huge heart of the people of this great city. Our incredible clients sprung into action to help their community. Hilton Furniture & Mattress, executed high-water rescues on the very first night and through-out the ordeal, coordinated transportation to shelters using his box trucks, and feed the first responders and evacuees. C&D Scrap Metal Recyclers, Inc. opened it's doors to accept donations and coordinated a massive effort for the animals of the city. Prison Break Tattoos fundraised (and continues to do so) and also opened his location as a donation center for first responders... even though he had also flooded. Attorney Laura Rodriguez took her entire office to volunteer and made donations to various charities. The list goes on and on. Houston is a great city only because of its people. They are what makes us #HoUStonStrong.

Harvey Flooding (Buffalo Bayou) - photo by Dolores Hernandez

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