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Prison Break Tattoos On Brand New Podcast

Listen to the podcast HERE

"In Episode Three, we venture over to 5306 Washington to chat with one of the rising stars of the tattoo business here in Houston, BK Klev, owner of Prison Break Tattoos. Sure, it’s got a Prison-theme that sets the tone as soon as you walk in, and the electric chair in the corner adds a certain flair, but it’s his law enforcement background that has set him a part and helped him provide an atmosphere unlike any other tattoo shop in Houston – or Texas. From his early days as a university cop, earning his stripes in Hays County or working his way up in the Houston Police Department; BK details his early days as a cop and how an uneasy feeling while getting tattooed gave him the idea to start his own shop. He discusses his relentless marketing strategy, how he learned the entertainment side of if it from 12 years working at the old Summit and how he’s forged ahead and gained a footing by providing a place for first responders and law enforcement that they didn’t’ have before – a tattoo shop that caters to them. And while he’s had more success than he could’ve ever imagined three years in, there’s a lot more on his plate and he’s only just getting started with Prison Break Tattoos… It’s BK Klev, it’s Prison Break Tattoos – It’s HTown’s Finest – The Podcast. Enjoy"

We get a little plug at around the 43 - 44 min mark... there may or may not be a little hyperbole... And there may or may not have been some call blocking involved... Ha! ;)

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