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Video, video, & did we mention video?

May is quickly coming to a close and it already feels like summer here in Houston. The past month has been filled with lots and lots of video production. We worked (and are currently working) on a couple of videos for various school districts in Texas. A few video spots for various attorneys, spots for our favorite furniture store in Texas, Hilton Furniture & Mattress, and some other exciting things that we can't share just yet. But some of the most zany fun was had producing a short film for the new 72 Hour Horror Film Race. Our team, Hell's Bunnies, made the top 15 with the film, "Two Peas," and winners will be announced in June. Horror is not really our genre of choice, so we were very surprised that we were even mentioned as top anything.

Now, speaking of lots of video, remember if you own a business of any kind the best thing you can do is put it and yourself out there as mush as possible. If you have the means, hire a professional to make you awesome videos. But if not, use what you have on-hand until you do. Video is your most powerful marketing weapon. Use it to become and stay relevant. Use it to become an influencer. Use it to sell. But do yourself a favor and use it.

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