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Cheap chocolate, here I come!

We blinked and now it's February. I, unlike, many unromantic curmudgeons enjoy Valentine's Day... well, more precisely, the day after. It's that magical time of year when all that delicious chocolate goes one sale.

I had a conversation with a colleague recently, and we discussed the ways to foster strong relationships with your clients. The biggest thing is, of course, stellar service. But, what else can you do to stay top of mind?

Now, you all know that these awesome holidays happen each and every year. It's a great reminder that having something consistent to look forward to, is something we all seem to enjoy (well, mostly... I'm looking at you, curmudgeon).

When running a business, it's a smart plan to have these same type of "holidays" of your own throughout the year. Events that keep folks interested and remind them that you are awesome... perhaps even the best in your particular field or niche.

Maybe every June you have a customer appreciation party where you kick-off the summer and invite all of your favorite clients and have a big BBQ. Or perhaps, you highlight some of your best clients in a fun testimonial video once every quarter and call it, "We Love Our Customers!" These are things that your customers or clients can look forward to and learn to expect.

Running a business is so much more than just doing what you do, it's about building relationships. Do things that keep you on their radar.

And now, I want a piece of chocolate.

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