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The art of the ad. The newest catch-phrase. The memorable campaign. Get attention and customers for your business on a local, regional or national level. We specialize in creating a marketing strategy that will get results. Below are the key terms and elements that make a campaign successful.


Traditional Advertising


Television, Cable, Radio, Billboards and Print these are all considered traditional advertising methods. After evaluating your product and marketing needs, these are power-house methods in getting your message out to a wide audience very quickly and effectively. Lead by television, which is the most powerful way to disperse your message, these all work together to create an extremely effective advertising campaign.




This is the vast social media realm that includes FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as the various other digital platforms used to reach thousands of potential customers. The popularity of these is constantly evolving, but they are valuable tools in your marketing arsenal. These paired with a well-designed website will bring traffic to your business. Studies show that the best way to utilize this medium is for Public Relations. Businesses have an oppoortunity here to make a personal connection with their customers and leave a lasting impression.  




Whether or not you venture into any televison advertising, simply having video on your website will place your business head-and-shoulders above your competition. Video is dynamic and will explain your product and service in a way that nothing else can. Site, sound, motion and emotion, these work in tandem to deeply connect with your audience.


Marketing Strategy


These are the steps that we take to get the word out. A clearly outlined plan that will act as a blueprint for your advertising efforts.




This is where many business owners get stuck. How much do you allocate to advertising? The simplest formula is 10% of your gross profits. So, if your business grosses $100,000 a year in sales then $10,000 is your ad budget for the year. We didn't come up with this, it is simply a tried and true method for growth that is employed by many successful companies.

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