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So You Want To Advertise on TV

by Dolores Hernandez

If you execute it correctly, advertising works. But what does that mean exactly? Well, it comes down to one thing: consistency. That's it. Especially when it comes to television advertising. I'm sure you were expecting a great commercial or a smart media buy. While those are key components, they will not be as dramatic as consistency.

If you are planning to just dabble, do NOT advertise on TV. If you want to just try a month and see how it goes, do NOT advertise on TV. Why? Because you will be throwing your money away. If consistency is not in your plan, you are wasting your time and money. If you've never tried it and want to see what it can do for you, I recommend committing to at least six months to truly gauge results.

Consistency enables frequency, or the number of times your ad is aired. The higher that number, the more people are exposed to your business. The more people are exposed to your business, the higher your sales potential. If you only advertise for one month out of the year, then it will reflect on your return on investment potential. It's the reason why Coca Cola still advertises. You would think everyone on this planet knows Coke, but top of mind awareness and sales go hand-in-hand.

Contrary to popular belief, you can start on TV at almost any budget level. And as you begin to grow, then so should your advertising budget. At this point, you are in control. You can dictate your sales based on your ad budget and vice versa. This is a prime tortoise and hare analogy, steady as she goes and you will reach your sales goals. The sky truly is the limit.

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